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Navigation Use Case and Wires - PDF

Diagrams detail user work flow within the pre-registration process. Diagram includes page mock ups.

System Screen Shots

My Work

BayCare's Maternity Pre-Registration

Client: BayCare Health System

Role: Information Architect and User Interface Designer.

Project: Out of the three large hospital systems under the BayCare umbrella, two offered a maternity pre-registration system through their current web sites. These existing systems needed a face lift to include the new BayCare brand, and some improved functionality.

My job was to condense the currently redundant and massive form into a more user friendly experience. This was accomplished by eliminating redundancies, preloading data into the form when applicable and reorganizing and relabeling the form elements into the existing three step system. Friendly content relevant status icons were created and AJAX collapsible panels were implemented to help the user step through the various sections.

Additionally, as a proof of concept for upcoming project, the UI for this project was recreated using Silverlight and Expression Blend.

Tools and Environment: ASP.NET, AJAX, Silverlight, Expression Blend, Adobe Illustrator and Visio.

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