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Site Diagram/Navigational Hierarchy - PDF

An early version of the proposed site structure. Diagram details the site content, functions and distinguishes section security based on user roles.

Navigation & Content Wire diagrams - PDF

An early version of the proposed navigational structure and wire diagrams of common content types. Details navigational functions and wireframes common content types (web parts) and other master page widgets. Intended audience was an external branding company.

Sample Use Case & UI Specification Document - PDF

Sample use case & UI functional diagram, demonstrates a feature request to the existing product.

Page layout mockups

After several brand iterations, and collaborations through BayCare's marketing department, these page layout mockups were created for approval before development.

Style & Structure Guide by content type - PDF

Excerpt from a Style and Structure Guide, to be used by various developer on the team. Its purpose was to maintain consistence of markup throughout the product.

Product Release Training Documentation - PDF

Document diagrams the changes to the site structure, user flow and user interface. Intended for help desk employee training.

Style Guide for Content Manager - PDF

Document demonstrates the appropriate uses for content styling within the site to maintain branding standards.

My Work

Physicians' Portal

Client: BayCare Health System

Role: Information Architect and User Interface Designer, focusing on usability, maintaining consistent branding, user interface planning and construction.

Project: Develop an online Physicians’ Portal application which allows BayCare’s physicians and office staff, access to patient data and clinical applications; anywhere the internet can be accessed.

An existing application already provided some of the information needed. However, this system could not be reached outside of the BayCare network. It was poorly organized and had major usability and information architecture problems.

The application development team was tasked with recreating the functionality of this old system, making it available via the internet, improving usability, applying new branding and adding some much needed new functionality.

Tools & Environment: ASP.NET, SharePoint, Visio, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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