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Page Layout Mockups

Includes a home page and two interior pages.

My Work

BayCare's Corporate Website - (

Client: BayCare Health System

Role: User Interface Designer. Focusing on applying new brand identity to BayCare's corporate consumer portal.

Project: BayCare’s marketing team came to me wanting their newly acquired brand to extend to their corporate consumer portal. Taking cues and standards from their branded print materials, and considering their existing content and business goals, I created three page layout mockups; a home page, an interior landing page, and an interior content page.

Note: The client, being a large healthcare organization, already had contracts for hosting and construction of their site (MedSeek). Therefore I was not involved in the construction or quality assurance of the site. At the time, the brand was not wholly refined, and has since been modified (

Tools & Environment: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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