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My favorite picture from my wedding.

That's me in the big white dress, and the silliness surrounding me is a result of an open bar. [Photo Credit: Tim Harman]

A Little More Background: I come from a family of creative types (artists, musicians and actors) and pretty good ones, just nobody you'd know. Actually, I'm the first in the family to pursue a creative career (no pressure).

I'm the oldest of three girls, and an aunt of four nephews and two, soon to be three, nieces. I married my high school sweetheart. I've never been fired or been arrested (I'm either an Goody Two-Shoes or I'm smart enough not to get caught). I'm a supporter of human and animal rights and subsequently a greenie tree hugger.

About Me

I've been a professional designer since 2004, but I'd consider myself more of a visual/interactive problem solver (and finder in some cases).

I graduated college Cum Laude, with a BFA in Graphic Design, and was immediately hired by a small web site design & development sweatshop firm. During the three years I was there, my sole purpose was to crank out low budget custom websites (design process be damned!). Yeah, I hated it, but I learned a lot and made some lifelong friends in the process.

From there I moved on to contract work, where I ended up traveling (Yay!) out of state each week to work as a lead Information Architect and UI designer for large healthcare system's enterprise applications. I was subcontracted through Microsoft Consulting Services & Notion Solutions, which allowed me to collaborate with some seriously scary-smart people, learn a hell of a lot more and meet some more lifelong friends.

Sadly, this contract ended a bit too soon because a rather major mishap in the finance department. However, working there, the other place and the handful of freelance jobs, I've become more attuned to what matters to me professionally and what I would like from my employer (an environment which promotes creating wonderfully compelling user experiences).

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